Board of Directors

The action of small networks of enthusiastic and passionate advocates for real change is the only hope the world has.
— Ted Cope (inspired by Margaret Mead)

Advisory Board

Project Review Panels

Project Review Panels consist of members of our network with experience and expertise in each area of focus: learning, mental and physical health, and sustainability. Each reviewer screens applications appropriate to their field by commenting on what makes that project great as well as potential causes for concern. Panelists are selected by the Executive Director. Positions rotate bi-annually. 

Staff and Volunteers

Executive Director and Acting Program Officer                                          Dr. L. J. Palmer-Moloney

Executive Assistant and Marketing/Communications Officer                  Camille Babington

Social Media Coordinator                                                                               Ekaterina Naiman

Email Marketing Coordinator                                                                        Guerlyne Jeune

Online Campaign Manager                                                                            Csilla Gergely

Writer and Content Creator                                                                           Nicolette Lapalme 

IT Programmer                                                                                                 Liz Dao