Meet Nicolette, a writer and much more | Featured Staff 📢


Nicolette LaPalme

Student, writer, passionate human

We are proud to welcome Nicolette LaPalme into the core Stardust staff team as an ongoing writer, interviewer, and content creator! Nicolette has been working with us for about a year, previously as a blogging intern, and now as our primary writer for our monthly newsletter, The Constellation, which was also her idea (previous issues archived here).

In her words: “I started working for Stardust because I wanted internship experience, but as I learned more about the people and purpose of Stardust, I really started to feel like I was part of something important and meaningful. I have had a lot of fun and have gained a lot of experience, thanks to Camille and Jean's trust in me, and I really hope to become a valuable part of this organization.”

Nicolette is passionate about the Japanese language (she was Japanese National Honors Society President in high school), meditation and spirituality (president of thee Meditation Club at her college and co-founder of NovaPrana, a nonprofit offering freelance meditation and mindfulness services in Northern Virginia), lacrosse (captain of her lacrosse team in high school), traveling, make up, and of course writing. The academic achievements she has received throughout her years of education are extensive and impressive. She is also on the waitlist to be accepted into Georgetown University, but if she does not get in, she will be taking a gap year to focus on Stardust and getting her writing published in literary magazines, as well as getting a part-time job to save some money. 

Nicolette is a well-rounded, passionate, and determined young person and the perfect addition to our Stardust staff.