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#GivingTuesdayNow: Fundraising for our 4 projects creating positive environmental impact

πŸ’“ Help us raise at least $1,000 before May 5th πŸ’“

The critical times we face today present a chance to stand up for causes we really believe in. As we rethink current global systems and new ways of going forward, the environmental issue stands out now more than ever. It’s increasingly important to invest in small changes that will make a huge impact in the long-run. We need to invest in entrepreneurs with bright solutions to current issues. This has been our Stardust mission since the beginning. Let’s bring meaning to our actions and make a difference *together*. 🌍

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Our co-creators talked to 4 amazing groups/individuals yesterday that have created prototypes and are ready to put their ideas into the world to benefit their communities and the environment:

🏠 Eco-responsible tiny housing made using innovative materials (Paris, France)

πŸ’¨ Low-consumption, highly efficient indoor air conditioning system (Grenoble, France)

🐝 A biotechnological device that helps beekeepers fights parasites and contaminants in a natural ways (Western Europe)

πŸ₯œ Simplified and ecological bulk food system redesign improving hygiene, security, and customer flow (Paris, France)

Note: After receiving 65 applications from across the globe, the 4 we selected just happened to be located in France! We never show a preference for any particular region.

GoFundMe Charity will match $1,000 if we raise that amount by May 5th (that’s 10 days from now)! Let’s get these projects funded! Spread awareness by sharing this post with your friends πŸ€—

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Apr 25 2020 - May 05 2020


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