The innovation and creativity of emerging entrepreneurs are key to our future.

Listening to their ideas and supporting their projects gives them a chance to try something new, fill a gap, and impact their local communities. Our role is to provide them with initial funding and a platform for sharing, so that the whole Stardust community may become inspired by their work, make meaningful connections, and learn from new perspectives. 

We awarded three new grants this May! 
Read about our newly funded projects below.



This social venture led by a student group from Montreal, Canada aims to increase the food security and spendable income of refugee communities by supplying them with a low-cost direct substitute for firewood: briquettes made of agricultural waste. Stardust’s grant helped fund their pilot project at the Timagolo refugee camp in Cameroon this summer. Stay tuned to their Facebook and our site for updates!

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hound makerspace

Hound is a makerspace based in Austin, Texas that provides small business resources (brand consultations, access to wholesale, legal advice, technology) to independent makers and artisans for a membership fee. This project supports the high-quality, American-made movement that is currently in high demand by consumers and a positive step for individual makers.

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ion-powered aircraft

This unique invention, which is awaiting a patent, is a silent, ion-powered aircraft that is self-contained, which means it can lift its own power source. It has a remote control, and future versions of this technology could be autonomous, fly higher, and be even more powerful. Stardust's grant funded an important piece of the updated aircraft that will allow for these progressive changes.

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