Hound Makerspace: Providing Resources to the Independent Maker Through a Unique, Small Manufacturing Incubator

For a maker, a Hound membership means so much more than just square footage.

As a woodworker and pyrographer, Celina Muire, had learned a lesson:  though there are numerous government programs and private resources for tech start-ups and artists, far fewer resources are available for those who manufacture products on a independent level.

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She is determined to find a way to empower and encourage makers like herself to thrive in her hometown of Austin, Texas.  To realize her dream, Celina has been working with a strong group of makers and entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas to create Hound Makerspace.

The goals of the Hound Makerspace:

  • To provide support needed for creating a small business
  • To fill the void of adequate space and resources for other local makers

Hound is an incubator for independent manufacturers, providing small business resources in a beautiful studio space so that its members may successfully and sustainably build their brand. Hound members have direct access to legal advice, branding and small business support,  in-­house DSLR photography,  and graphic design tools, including in­-house 3D printers and HP Sprouts with Adobe Creative Suite.

Together, Hound's assets foster innovation and prototype opportunities for all craftsmen.

By supplying the funds needed for camera studio, The Stardust-Startup Factory is helping Hound help other entrepreneurs!

Let us help you achieve success in the maker movement by providing you with innovative tools and the right environment to sell it.
— Hound.com

Celina - a leader in the maker movement in Austin, Texas.

She was a concrete part of Austin's first online platform for artisan workshops: LeafDistrict. As part of this start­up, Celina taught workshops, wrote a blog, and interviewed and promoted local businesses in Austin.

She served as Dremel's Chief Maker in Residence; creating original content for Dremel including DIY tutorials, Dremel tool reviews, app development evaluation, connected with Dremel marketing groups to recognize other fellow makers, and appeared in New York's Maker Faire.

Celina's goal is to share what she has learned in the process of creating a small business in the growing maker movement, and to fill the void of adequate space and resources for other local makers.

To learn more about Hound, visit their website at http://www.houndatx.com/home

This project proposal was awarded Spring 2017.