The Stardust-Startup Factory provides financial support for the innovative work of emerging entrepreneurs who want to make a positive social and environmental impact in the areas of sustainability, health, and learning. 

The projects and startups we fund twice a year are carefully selected after review by subject matter specialists and approval by our Advisory Board. They quickly launch for local, tangible solutions, and become catalysts for a more forward-looking, accessible, and conscious world.


Financial support from The Stardust-Startup Factory is not intended to fund extensive, multi-year endeavors.  It is intended to give you just the right amount to get you started on a project that will get you on your way to realizing a long-awaited goal. The Stardust-Startup Factory believes in you.

Never say no for other people. Dream audaciously, act courageously, and make big asks.
— Ben Arment

The Factory is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit corporation with a goal of budgetary transparency. Your donations directly support the projects that we fund.