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The best way to keep up with what we're doing is by visiting our Facebook page. Feel free to interact by sharing, liking, and leaving comments.


fundraise on our behalf

The Stardust Community is very geographically dispersed! Let's take advantage of what each of our locations have to offer. 

Hold a "Dance Under the Stars"-type Stardust event in your town! It could be a dance (like ours), a karaoke night, a fun run, an outing, a sports tournament, or simply a backyard party. 

Set up an on-line fundraising campaign on our behalf.  Whether you're having a special occasion like your birthday or anniversary or want to give from the good of your heart, here's a resource!  Invite your friends and family to make a gift to Stardust in your name. Visit CrowdRise and join our Team. Click the JOIN THE TEAM button and then you'll instantly have your own fundraising page that you can personalize and share with everyone you know.



Host your own Meetup and give others an opportunity to get inspired, to celebrate, and to get involved with The Stardust-Startup Factory.

Whether you are part of a book club, a professional networking group, or just hang out with friends every Saturday, explore how Stardust provides our micro-grant recipients with initial funding and a platform for sharing, so that the whole Stardust community may become inspired by their work, make connections, and see from new perspectives. 


Get Media Kit Support

Send details and we'll send you a media package (including PDF files with posters and postcards, as well as Stardust-Startup Factory brochures and quick facts sheet).

Use LinkedIn SlideShare to access our presentation slides, to share with others for a  deeper look at what's going on within the Stardust-Startup Factory.

Send media support requests to: [email protected]


Encourage your friends and family to apply for a grant, become a volunteer, or contribute financially. We're so grateful to have such an engaged and supportive Stardust community!