Poultry at Lavender Cottage


Poultry at Lavender Cottage


Children's book author Brenda Hooks Harris and her publisher Podkin Press (UK) are partnering with the Stardust-Startup Factory!  Proceeds from the sale of Poultry at Lavender Cottage go to supporting Stardust micro-grants.

Thank you for investing in this book to learn more about sustainable living. And thank you to Brenda and Podkin Press for their generosity!

(Be on the lookout for more Poultry at Lavender Farm book signing/reading benefits like the one on July 21st, 2016 at Carolina Home & Garden.)


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Poultry at Lavender Cottage is a children’s book by North Carolina author Brenda Hooks Harris published internationally by Podkin Press in Kent, England.  The book is for sale on this website to help fund The Stardust-Startup Factory.

The 32-page book, written to entertain and educate children while promoting the value of raising backyard chickens, is also being read and enjoyed by adults.

The story features three hens that live in an English garden: the boss hen, Miss Henrietta; her obedient side-kick Chickpea; and the engaging, Rhode Island red bantam hen named Poultry.  This is Poultry’s coming of age story.

In the garden where the air is filled with the scent of lavender, the happy hens run freely doing what hens do naturally--flapping their wings, eating, exploring, and socializing.  They find their own food gobbling-up grubs, slurping-down worms, swallowing snails, pecking seeds, enjoying tender greens, and generously fertilizing the garden with their chicken poop. Their owners (a retired Army Major and his wife) enjoy taking good care of “their girls.” In return, the hens reward their owners with delicious healthy eggs.  

Poultry at Lavender Cottage provides a fun way to meet hens and learn bits of intelligent information. The Major and his Wife are country gardeners who are good sustainability educators. They raise hens and enjoy eating the eggs rather than eating the hens, which is more economical.

The book provides children an opportunity to begin to understand basic concepts of sustainability such as, the importance of healthy food, the connection between nature and living creatures, and the interdependence of animals and people.

We want to maintain a viable world where healthy people thrive. Educating and inspiring young children who will become the next generation of decision-makers is the best way to insure responsible stewardship for our world.  Children can learn to be sensitive to their environment and understand what they can do to protect our world for themselves and future generations.

As adults, each of us can be a strong role model for making the best possible decisions in how we treat our world and each other. We need to make sure humans (and chickens) are around for a long time.

We invite you to join us and take action now. Invest in The Stardust-Startup Factory, and you can carry on the legacy to help change our world into a better place for everyone.

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