Terms and Conditions  



Terms and Conditions of Stardust-Startup Factory Funding Award


The Stardust-Startup Factory provides seed money to help you grow your dreams.  To help you stay on track and to help us make sure that our investment is helping you achieve, we ask that all recipients of funds to agree to the following:


Expectations of Recipients:

1)    Provide quarterly update on progress toward project benchmarks.*

2)    Provide quarterly reports on your use of funds, sticking to budget parameters as outlined in the presentation.

3)    Provide a portfolio (images, reports, blog, etc.) that will be added to the Stardust-Stardust Factory website to illustrate Projects Funded/Successes.

4)    If project is successful and profit generating, 10% (or more, if you wish!) of the Stardust-Startup Factory award will be returned to the organization to help support other emerging innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs.


* The Stardust-Startup Factory does NOT hold recipients accountable or expect a repayment of money if a project “fails.”  We embrace the notion that “failure” succeeds in showing ways that will not work.  (The project proposals will have been well-vetted prior to funding, so we are pretty confident that selected proposals will achieve expected results.)


Expectations of Stardust-Startup Factory:

1)  Award funds in lump sum paid to recipients in US Dollars via WePay.

2)    Showcase funded projects on the organization’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.

3)    Provide links to greater Community of nonprofits and other funding sources for continued support to recipients beyond initial seed money award.