Discover Unfold: Community Development Through Economic Empowerment in Uganda

Discover Unfold Uganda

Unfold is a wallet company based in Mbale, Uganda. Melissa, the founder, who currently lives in Alexandria, VA, wanted to create a business that had a positive social impact for local communities in Uganda. The idea for wallets arose because there are so many beautiful East African fabrics and very talented tailors.

Once Melissa had a clear business idea, she ran it by Lydia, the operations manager and a local Ugandan, who absolutely loved the idea and thought it would be good for the surrounding communities. Melissa and Lydia created a few wallet designs, asked some tailors to make some samples, and the rest is history!  The wallets are being sold to markets in Europe and the US, and Unfold as a business is benefiting the families and communities of its employess in Uganda.

Their Kickstarter campaign raised over $8,000 last spring and allowed them to purchase the materials they needed to get started. The Unfold micro-grant proposal requested funds for new sewing machines, stools, desks, food for the staff, consulting, and marketing materials.

To learn more about Unfold, visit their website at

This project proposal was awarded fall 2016.

Check out their original Kickstarter campaign here.