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Apply for a micro-grant!

Funding comes in the form of $2,000 USD for selected projects.
Here are the only requirements:

“80% of success is showing up.”

Woody AllenFilmmaker

Make impact within our focus areas

Your project must be tied to one or more of our focus areas. The big, overarching goal of each project also must demonstrate a tie to making a positive impact on the world.

Actionable in a year

Your full project must be actionable at most 12-18 months after you’ve received our funds. You also will be sending quarterly updates and other communications.

Here are the 8 guiding questions you will need to address in your proposal:


What is my project?

Giving it a title and mission statement will help you narrow down to what you want to achieve.

What is the problem I am aiming to solve?

Is the problem local or global, or both? Who does it affect? Research will help here.

How does my project help achieve 2 or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Might your solution(s) lead to new tools, concepts, and understandings?

What is innovative about my project?

What sets it apart from similar solutions?

How does my project link to my bigger dream?

How do I define my dream? What made me want to do this?

How much money do I need?

What is my project budget and how exactly will I spend a $2,000 microgrant? Supporting justification are recommended.

What are the steps I would take after receiving funding?

Provide a general overview to help us see that you have a workable and sustainable plan.

What is the way forward?

Do I have a solid plan for getting to my dream if this project succeeds?

Here is the format of your proposal:

We fully support varied learning styles and creative abilities, so however you feel you can best convey what you want to do is acceptable. In other words, the format of the presentation is completely in your hands. The only limitation is that it must be sent digitally to us, whether it's through a document or movie.
Here are some examples to get you thinking:

Short film or animation

5-10 minutes long

Descriptive infographic

However long is necessary

Written paper with images

1,200-1,500 words

PowerPoint/Prezi with voiceover

8-15 slides

Read our terms and conditions here and view an infographic on the submission process here.

Ready to submit?

2020-2021 update

The Board of Directors has officially approved a strategic pause in any new grant funding for Spring 2021 (with option to extend into Fall 2021). The COVID-19 situation and financial uncertainty has caused a disturbance in our typical funding chain and we are focused on shoring up Stardust’s viability for the long term as we transition to a DAF/Impact Fund model.

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