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Impact Portfolio

Since September 2015, we’ve given $48,000 in grants
to the amazing projects, startups, and businesses you’ll
learn about below. Click on each one to learn more!

Relevant work

The projects selected for funding present creative solutions to relevant problems in their communities and the world.

Lasting relationships

We value taking the time to meet and keep up with each one of our brilliant, hard-working micro-grant recipients.

More than money

We’re an organization that gives grants, but our goal is also to move ideas to get the conversation going about topics that matter.

Current and past projects

We continue to support and stay in touch with the impact entrepreneurs to whom we’ve granted during past funding cycles. Although some of our criteria for microgrant applications has been adjusted and reworked over the years, all of these projects have made positive social and/or environmental impact in their communities and continue to inspire in a huge way.


High-Protein, Sustainable Fishmeal
Made From Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Côte d’Ivoire



100% Compostable Packaging Made
From Locally-Sourced Plantain Stems



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Nonprofit Boosting Mental Fitness Through
Accessible Workshops and Activities

Paris, France

#health #learning

Dabba Consigne

Reusable Takeout Container Service Supporting
Restaurateurs in their Waste Reduction

Grenoble, France



Efficient and Ecological Long Conservation
Bag for Sub-Saharan African Farmers


#health #sustainability


Reusable Takeout Container Service Making
Zero Waste Living Easy and Affordable

Toronto, Canada


Renaissance Upcycling

Inspiring Textile Reuse and Upcycling
Through Innovative Technology

Paris, France


proApia Biotech

Biotechnological Device Helping Bees
Fight Parasites and Contaminants

Gex, France

#health #sustainability #learning

Caeli Energie

Low-Consumption Indoor Air Cooling
System Based on Thermodynamics

Grenoble, France


Ma Petite Maison Verte

Eco-Responsible Tiny Housing Constructed
Using Durable Recycled Cardboard

Paris, France

#sustainability #learning


Reinventing Bulk Food Distribution and
Logistics for Consumers and Shopkeepers

Paris, France

#health #sustainability

Service Recovery Strategies

Providing Aquatic Tanks to Reduce
Stress in Those Suffering From PTSD

Tampa Bay, FL

#health #sustainability #learning

James McAvene’s Meadery

A Homemade, Honey-Based Wine That’s
Raising Awareness for Dying Honey Bees

Central Ohio

#sustainability #learning


Diversifying Natural Cashew Products to
Create Jobs and Decrease Food Waste

Côte d’Ivoire

#health #sustainability

Creopia Productions

Building a Film-Based Creative
Economy for Social Impact

vanadzor, armenia


Educate a Child

Reading and Technology Programs
for Young Learners in Isheri-Osun

Lagos, Nigeria



Forming Greener Habits for
Millennials Through Everyday Tech

Los angeles, ca

#health #learning #sustainability

Dragonfly Effect Naturals

A Holistic Products Company
with a 1:1 Giving Philosophy

oneonta, ny

#health #sustainability


Creating Jobs and Healthy Living
with Natural and Organic Foods

bulawayo, zimbabwe

#health #learning #sustainability


Improving the Affordability and Accessibility
of Alternative Fuel Sources for Refugees

Sub-Saharan Africa

#health #learning #sustainability

Discover Unfold

A Wallet Company Promoting Community
Development Through Economic Empowerment

mbale, uganda

#sustainability #learning

Ion-Powered Aircraft

Self-Contained and Silent Aircraft
Can Lift Its Own Power Source

oberlin, oh


The MirIAM

Self-Sustaining Faith-Based Detox and
Rehabilitation Center for Women

carteret county, nc

#health #learning #sustainability

Snail Farming

Poverty Reduction Through
Food Security in Rural Ghana

abura district, ghana

#health #learning #sustainability

The All Watch

Developing Sustainable Leather Materials
And Challenging Philosophies of Time

new york, ny


Potter Farm

Supporting Community-Based Agriculture
And Locally Grown, Healthy Food

carteret county, nc

#health #sustainability

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