Flora: The Brand New App Incentivizing Environmentally-Friendly Behavior

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Flora is the first smartphone app to challenge and incentivize users to form green habits by changing how they behave in their everyday lives! The goal is to grow communities that want to take action for a healthier and more eco-friendly environment.

Reid Williams, Alaxic Smith, and Kehlani Parrish are the founders of Flora. Reid's experience with startups, Alaxic's extensive coding knowledge, Kehlani's influence as an acclaimed R&B artist, and their combined passion for healthy and sustainable living are the perfect ingredients for an app that "bridges the gap in the accessibility of information available on leading a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle."

We believe making healthy dietary and lifestyle decisions is something often seen as a privilege thatโ€™s unobtainable for many. Most people would take steps to living a greener life if they knew where to begin, so our aim is to bridge that gap, and make the information easily accessible, and relatable.
— The Flora Team
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Flora finds eco-friendly and holistic places in
your area (vegan restaurants and groceries,
places to recycle and donate, thrift stores, community gardens, and more). The app offers challenges and incentives that reward points, which can be converted into experiences and events, gift cards, virtual goods, and discounts.

In short, incentivizing smart action can help people form habits by changing
their behaviour as consumers.

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The team behind Flora is still learning through this process and are keeping an open mind to educate themselves as they go. When Alaxic first started programming, he saw it as a hobby and a way to help friends, not a career. Being a person of color from "the middle of nowhere" in Texas, he grew up thinking that people like him could only succeed in professional sports or as entertainers. But when he got up to 50,000 users to sign up for the website he made for his friends and him to talk in high school classes, he thought he could take programming more seriously. Now, he's spearheading an amazing app that we at Stardust know will prove to be impactful and full of positive change in communities worldwide! 

To learn more about Flora, visit their website at http://floraliving.com/ and follow their Twitter at https://twitter.com/floralivingapp/.

This project proposal was awarded Spring 2018.