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Here are some great ways to get involved.

Join our vibrant and forward-thinking group of entrepreneurs and change-makers. The members of the Stardust community share the same values, believing that nurturing budding entrepreneurs is key to propelling innovation in the areas that need it the most, and that most great things are achieved by a series of small things brought together.

✉ Apply for a micro-grant.

within focus areas

Your project must be tied
to one or more of our focus
. The big, overarching
goal of each project also
must demonstrate a tie to
making a positive impact
on the world.

within a year

Your full project must be actionable at most 12-18 months after you’ve received our funds. You also must be capable of sending quarterly updates and other communications.

no other limits

We will accept applications
no matter your age,
location, or experience.
The key is that you are just
starting up on an endeavor
you believe will make the
world a better place.

Two funding cycles

March 21st
September 21st

Although applications are accepted year round, the next request for
proposals ends on September 21st, 2020. Make sure to submit your project
proposal around that time to receive feedback within the following few weeks.

📯 Share and spread the word.

Encourage your friends and family to apply for a grant, join our team, or contribute financially. We’re so grateful to have such an engaged and supportive Stardust community!


Download our media kit

Give others a deeper look at what's going on within The Stardust-Startup Factory. Download our media package below (including PDF of our slide deck and 2 quick facts sheets).

Introduce Stardust to your community

Whether you are part of a book club, a professional networking group, have a booth at the farmer's market or just hang out with friends every Saturday, you have a platform and audience to share issues you care about! Host your own meetup and give others an opportunity to get inspired, to celebrate, and to get involved with Stardust.

Fundraise on our behalf

Hold an event in your town (for instance: a dance, a karaoke night, a fun run, an outing, a sports tournament, or simply a backyard party). Or, set up an online fundraising campaign on our behalf. Whether you're having a birthday, anniversary or want to give from the good of your heart, here's a resource! Invite your friends and family to make a gift to Stardust in your name. You'll have your own fundraising page that you can personalize and share.

Download assets

Fundraise with us