Ion-Powered Aircraft: One Step Closer to Non-fossil Fuel Solutions

Ethan 1.png

Ethan Krauss, founder and President of Electron Air, LLC, has a dream: to create the first Ion and electron wind powered craft to carry its power source onboard. 

To date, Ethan's prototype designs have demonstrated flight times exceed those of a helicopter of similar weight, with nearly silent flight.

His goals and objectives are:

  • Design an improved autonomous electron/ ion wind powered craft.

  • Serve the need for an improved, fast, and efficient form of flight

  • Commercialize and increase performance

  • Proof of sufficient and efficient sustained lift

The Ion-Powered Aircraft is the first invention supported by a Stardust micro-grant.  We are thrilled to be part of this effort to find renewable, zero-emission power sources!

Ethan was awarded the US patent on November 6th, 2018. The Stardust-Startup Factory respects the intellectual property "confidentiality" agreement we have signed with the inventor.


Be bold. Take a risk!

If Ethan would have listed to the advice he received, his proposal would have not submitted his proposal and would not have received a Stardust grant!

This project proposal was awarded Spring 2017.