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Ion-Powered Aircraft

One Step Closer to Non-Fossil Fuel Flight Solutions


Ethan Krauss




Oberlin, OH

Spring 2017


Ethan Krauss, founder and President of Electron Air, LLC, has had the same objective for nearly two decades: to create the first ion and electron-powered craft to carry its own power source onboard.

To date, Ethan’s prototype designs have demonstrated flight times exceed those of a helicopter of similar weight, with nearly silent flight.

The flying device originally lifted its power supply directly off of the ground with no moving parts in 2006. Ethan filed for a U.S. patent in 2014 and as of November 6th, 2018, the device is now fully patented (patent #10,119,527). The patent specifically covers ion-propelled devices that carry their power supply onboard.

This lightweight flying invention uses no helium or moving parts to fly, except for ions. The machine rises from the ground directly (VTOL), is almost completely silent, and can fly for several minutes. Ethan is currently seeking licensees, investors, and partners to help further the technology.

The Ion-Powered Aircraft is the first invention supported by a Stardust micro-grant. We are thrilled to be part of this effort to find renewable, zero-emission power sources!

Visit the Electron Air website here—you’ll find news, information about the company, official observers of the invention, news articles, videos, and more.

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