What is learning?

The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught

Authentic learning involves:

  • Mental construction of content. Each person receiving information brings her/his prior experiences and knowing to a situation, and each person processes information presented through her/his own cultural and psychological screens.

  • Communication. This is needed to convey information and is necessary to check for understanding.  Visualization is a critical part of communication.

  • Harnessing multiple intelligences. Multiple Intelligences theory stipulates that there are at least eight ways of knowing/learning:  Linguistic; Logical/Mathematical; Musical; Spatial; Bodily/Kinesthetic; Intrapersonal; Interpersonal; and Naturalistic.  Understanding the world means providing and soliciting information in many different ways to address the different intelligences.

  • Relevance. If learning can be made relevant, the desire to learn increases and so does the level of understanding.  The degree to which people become engaged in the learning process is related to relevance.  Engagement can be at a variety of spatio-temporal scales.

Learning tools to check out:


YouTube is a great video-sharing platform that encourages learning on your own. You would be surprised to know how many channels offer educational support for free, like DIY projects, help with high subjects, how-to videos, university lectures, and even full-length courses. 

Some of our favorites are Verisasium, It's Okay to Be Smart, Crash Course, SciShow, Vsauce, YaleCourses, and Minute Physics.

Is making a video or series of videos something you would create to help solve a social or environmental problem? Consider this when preparing your proposal!


Makerspaces (or "hackerspaces") are community-operated workspaces equipped with expensive tools and electronics that bring creative people together to collaborate and allow for teamwork and sharing of ideas. It's a great way to learn from others that share the same interests as you. Use Google to find one in your city!

So does a problem you're going to address have a need for using or creating a Makerspace in your community? Consider this when preparing your proposal!