Potter Farm: Supporting Community-Based Agriculture & Locally Grown, Healthy Food

Joshua Potter

Joshua Potter is building his own sustainable farm.

He has background and on-the-job training in sustainable agriculture as well as a deep understanding and a love of the area that is his home. He knows that the products he will offer are needed and that his farm will work in rural, eastern North Carolina.

He is committed to educating his local community on pesticide-free farming and the importance of being able to know and grow your own food rather than being dependent on food that comes from outside sources that do not share knowledge of what the food has been exposed to or how it was raised. 

Being able to sell produce at his local farmer’s market gives Josh the chance to talk with people about how his produce is grown and how decisions are made on what to plant and when. 

Josh needed $1600 to pay for 16 hours of backhoe use/operation on the farm to clear brush, to dig a pond for waterfowl, and to move soil and prepare garden beds for spring planting.

This project proposal was awarded spring 2016.

Learn more about his proposal here.

First quarter updates on Josh's farm