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Efficient and Ecological Long Conservation Bag for Sub-Saharan African Farmers

Enki Barache

Founder, CEO

Emeline Leveque


Tiana Rakotondrazaka





Spring 2020


Health, Sustainability


Tigoun is a startup that has invented and started distibuting the first long-conservation bag for sub-Saharan African farmers that is both efficient and ecological. Founders Enki, Emeline, and Tiana aim to foster the emergence of a new food security model in which development of individuals and environmental protection are in complete synergy.

Quick facts

Post-harvest losses during the storage of agricultural products are a major global challenge for food security, particularly in the developing countries. These losses hit agricultural households the hardest.

  • There are about 230 million malnutrition cases in sub-Saharan Africa
  • 1/5th of those cases (48 million) could be eradicated by reducing post-grain harvest losses
  • Each year, sub-Saharan African farmers lose $4 billion in post-harvest losses

Currently, storage bags are made of plastic (woven polypropylene), an oil-based and non-biodegradable material that is harmful to the environment and disintegrates into micro-plastics contaminating the food that will later be ingested.

  • The loss rate of plastic bags used today can reach up to 50% due to insects and moisture.
  • Insecticide powders and fumigation are dangerous, expensive, and mostly inefficient techniques.

Sources: FAO, AFDB

Tigoun offers an innovative solution to these problems, improving both efficiency and sustainability:


  • Conservation up to 1 year (with less than 1% loss)
  • Protection against insects
  • Protection against moisture and mold
  • Preservation of crop quality


  • Zero chemicals required
  • 80% renewable materials
  • 80% biodegradable bag
  • Eco-responsible approach over the entire life cycle

Thanks to the ultra-oxygen-tight technology in the bag, insects, including eggs and larvae, die of asphyxiation. There is no need to pre-evacuate or add chemicals. The materials of the Tigoun bag have also been chosen for their water vapor barrier properties. Thus, food is protected from ambient humidity and remains dry, which prevents the development of mold. The quality of the food is thus protected!

The vicious poverty cycle, with Tigoun bags, has the potential to be transformed into a virtuous cycle.

Tigoun bag  →   efficient conservation  →   food security  →   sale of food for higher prices  →   investment possibilities…

The $2,000 micro-grant from Stardust Startups will be used to produce and ship 1,036 new bags from France to Tigoun’s warehouse in Antananarivo.