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We're a positive impact multiplier for social and climate action.

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funded Fall 2020

The world needs solutions

In this era filled with climate change crises, economic gaps and instabilities, and political distrust, humanity is in great need of adaptive changes both locally and globally.

Inventive thinkers

Innovation and creativity are key to our future. Startups that have a focus on positive social and/or environmental impact are finding solutions each day that build towards solving these pressing issues.

A call for resources

Not all emerging entrepreneurs can access the capital they need. When they cannot find the financial support to begin, they often give up.

We offer opportunity

Stardust Startups proudly helps emerging, world-conscious small businesses and startups with funding, networking, and promotional support.

Aspiring impact entrepreneurs
are the key to a brighter future.

Listening to their ideas and supporting their projects gives them a chance to try something new, fill a gap, and impact their local communities. We provide emerging entrepreneurs and early-stage startups with initial funding and a platform for sharing, so that others may become inspired by their work, make connections, and see from new perspectives.


Since 2015, we've supported 26 projects at their start and continue to follow their progress to this day. Quality and sustainability over quantity.


So far, we've granted over $52k worth of microgrants—thanks to our generous donors and the private foundations that have chosen us as their preferred nonprofit.


Within the first 12-18 months of receiving funds, 88% of entrepreneurs in our empirical study affirmed having made progress within their chosen SDG targets.

We focus on issues that matter.

Conscious eating

Food & Water accessibility

Natural remedies

Mental Health

Great mental health means keeping our minds stable, conscious, self-aware, curious, and positive, while plant-based nutrition, outdoor activity, and quality body treatment is the key for great physical health. Projects we fund in health are focused on these key elements.

More on health

Environment & behavior

renewing & reusing

Green economics

Durable business

Sustainability projects we fund explore smart solutions that promote accessibility and renewability. We strive to live in harmony with our environment and learn from it in order to help ourselves. Natural elements and resources are ours to harness if we can do it with great respect for the Earth.

more on sustainability

Accessible education


Technological literacy

Do-it-yourself (DIY)

The value of education depends on its accessibility for all and affordability, more than anything. We all have a right to be curious, learn, and grow. Stardust values openness and transparency that cultivates this curiosity and the cooperation that allows knowledge to be shared.


Caeli Energie team

Tech forum, July 2021

Find Your Way / Show The Way

2019 outreach event, NYC

Creopia Productions team

film editing workshop, June 2020

Tami Thomas

receiving her microgrant, March 2016

Dabba team

Dropping off containers in Grenoble, France, 2020

Ma Petite Maison Verte team

inauguration of their first tiny house, 2020

Lumbrick team

meeting in Cameroon, July 2017

SmartVrac team and Camille

NATEXPO, September 2020

Co-creators Jean and Camille

meeting in Montreal, 2017

Thanks for the kindness and the trust Stardust Startups has shown to us. It has made us confident, today more than ever, that what we do is important and that we are making a difference. Despite the COVID situation we keep moving forward, confident that we will keep growing.

Katherine TeraoFounder, Mindkit

This is an organization that cares deeply about its causes and focuses on making sure every dollar goes to make an impact. Their stories are inspiring. Their impact is tangible.

Erin MoloneyDirector of Marketing, Perficient Digital

I am truly grateful that your organization has given [our initiative] a gentle push to make kids' lives worthwhile. Thank you for believing in us!

Ihonwa SylvesterFounder, Educate A Child Initiative

If you are an inventor or trying to do something good for the world, Stardust is your best option for a microgrant. They are also like family.

Ethan KraussInventor, Microgrant Recipient

This is a great organization that has turned the loss of a loved one into a healing and helpful process to help creatives in sustainability, health, and learning.

A.J. HobbsMassage Therapist and Holistic Healer

We just won the World Vision pitch to get $30,000! Thank you for being the first organization to believe in us. We'll continue working hard to realize our goal.

The Lumbrick TeamStartup, Microgrant Recipient

On behalf of Alex and myself, I would like to express how grateful we are to be partners with Stardust on this challenging journey. The road ahead is full of hurdles but we have never felt as confident as we do now as we begin to catch our stride.

Adam RivaCEO and Founder, Dragonfly Effect Naturals

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