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Mental Health

Let’s Start Prioritizing Well-Being over GDP

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Mental and physical health are linked, not only to one another, but also to some crucial external factors. Readily available education, access to affordable healthcare, strong communities and interpersonal relationships, a healthy and safe environment, as well as food and tenure security are essential to people’s well-being.

However, the same cannot be said for money – to unfortunately quote a cliché, money doesn’t buy happiness.Read more...

How Discovering Creative Entrepreneurship Set Two Friends on a Journey Towards Spreading Joy

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“It is all a very happy accident.” – Betty Coppens, co-founder of JOSO

To make the most of even the smallest opportunity is something that does not have any price-tag, required experience or age limit. Everyone is welcome to take action in their own life and spread the contagious joy of creativity.… Read more...

4 Habits to Resist Fearful Narratives and Push Through to Personal Growth

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This is not just another post in which I convince you that the Coronavirus is a tremendous threat or that to say home is a heroic mission. No, I don’t need to convince you that the Coronavirus is a real danger, and some of us were already hermit introverts.

I don’t want to write or read, another article that says COVID-19 is the end of all things.Read more...