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Mental Health

Let’s Start Prioritizing Well-Being over GDP

By Mental Health

Mental and physical health are linked, not only to one another, but also to some crucial external factors. Readily available education, access to affordable healthcare, strong communities and interpersonal relationships, a healthy and safe environment, as well as food and tenure security are essential to people’s well-being.

However, the same cannot be said for money – to unfortunately quote a cliché, money doesn’t buy happiness.Read more...

How To Break Through Quarantine Boredom

By Learning, Mental Health

Is it just me, or are we collectively sick of social distancing? It was cute for a while. A welcome break from our routines, perhaps, or a sudden stay-cation and permission to indulge in comforting pleasures. But now it feels stale – that apocalyptic spice dulled into a sense that something needs to change to counterbalance this 2-meter distance.Read more...