What is sustainability?

Sustainability is the capacity to endure—for humans, sustainability is the endurance of systems and processes connected to ecology, economics, politics, and culture.

Sustainability of ecosystems and environments is key to survival of humans and other organisms.  

  • Living sustainably: reorganizing living spaces (tiny house communities, intentional communities,  eco-municipalities, sustainable cities, green cities, rooftop gardening; accessible and affordable housing in balance with the environment ) 
  • Recycling/reusing/repurposing/reducing: more results with fewer products (reducing need for raw resource extraction; individual to community lifestyle adjustments)
  • Rethinking economics of green (green buildings, farm-to-table agricultural practices, permaculture, contributionism
  • Linking water-food-energy in renewable, accessible, smart ways (attention to systems, geographic scale and carbon footprints--family farms to cities; free/renewable energy; all aspects of water (quantity, quality, availability, accessibility);  food production and distribution)

Online Sustainability Resources