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Growing Our Entrepreneurial Network

By October 11, 2018March 13th, 2019Making Impact

Growing our entrepreneurial network

At its very core, the mission of The Stardust-Startup Factory is to support emerging entrepreneurs and help their initiatives grow.

This year we’re proud to launch the Stardust Entrepreneurial Network (SEN): a collaborative place where our past and present micro-grant recipients network with trusted businesses who help them continue to grow, learn, and change the world. Each SEN member has something to offer to the rest of the network, so connections can be made and we can all work together!

Explore the potential of the SEN with us. 🔎 If you are an entrepreneur with experience to share, become a SEN mentor. If you have business services you want to offer, become a partner.

Fill out this form if you’re interested in joining.

Contact us for further information, questions, or comments.