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Thalia Bloom

Appreciating Our Harvest

By Business & Entrepreneurship, Sustainability

With Thanksgiving on the way, it’s the perfect time to show gratitude to the earth’s harvest. As climate change continues to threaten our natural resources, it’s essential to not just be grateful, but to strive to preserve the resources that sustain humanity. 

Honey bees are essential for the pollination of flowers, fruits and vegetables, and support about $20 billion worth of crop production in the U.S.Read more...

Living to Learn: Essential to Human Nature

By Learning
Zhu Xi

Even though I’m no longer in school, when September rolls around, I get the urge to buy notebooks and pencils, excited by the potential and fresh energy that a new, cooler month brings. Even when we aren’t formally enrolled in school, we should still make learning an everyday part of our lives.… Read more...