Confidence: What It Means For a Small Social Impact Entrepreneur

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Being a creative spirit is hard. First you need the inspiration, then the motivation, then the support. And when you think you have it all, you realise you need the funds. At Stardust, we believe that small grants can give social and environmental impact entrepreneurs the momentum to make their dreams a reality and start making a difference in the world.… Read more...

How Discovering Creative Entrepreneurship Set Two Friends on a Journey Towards Spreading Joy

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“It is all a very happy accident.” – Betty Coppens, co-founder of JOSO

To make the most of even the smallest opportunity is something that does not have any price-tag, required experience or age limit. Everyone is welcome to take action in their own life and spread the contagious joy of creativity.… Read more...

4 Habits to Resist Fearful Narratives and Push Through to Personal Growth

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This is not just another post in which I convince you that the Coronavirus is a tremendous threat or that to say home is a heroic mission. No, I don’t need to convince you that the Coronavirus is a real danger, and some of us were already hermit introverts.

I don’t want to write or read, another article that says COVID-19 is the end of all things.Read more...

Break the Taboo: Let’s Talk About Periods

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“Aunt Flo is visiting”, “the English have landed”, “strawberry week”, “the monthly statement”… There are many ways in which women around the world avoid saying the words “menstruation” or “period”. Although the secrecy around menstruations is being increasingly rejected by millenials, there are certain parts of the world where women keep being shamed and excluded when they menstruate. Read more...

Appreciating Our Harvest

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With Thanksgiving on the way, it’s the perfect time to show gratitude to the earth’s harvest. As climate change continues to threaten our natural resources, it’s essential to not just be grateful, but to strive to preserve the resources that sustain humanity. 

Honey bees are essential for the pollination of flowers, fruits and vegetables, and support about $20 billion worth of crop production in the U.S.Read more...